All About Electronic Scoreboards


Invention of electronic key venues has turned the globe to adopt electronic scoreboard in Australia. These products are looking spectacular and visible from every angle and distance and also provide a consistent reliable performance for a long period.

Electronic score boards are being used for different types of sports, such as athletics, swimming, foot ball, motor sports, and more. These boards are equipped with cutting edge technologies to render highly bright flat panel screens to display scores.

Features of electronic score boards

• An electronic scoreboard offer effective lights, great sound and lively effects, which absolutely change the game effects.

• In games where time is very important, electronic score boards are used to consistently display the time reducing with every second.

• These boards leave games, like football, hockey, etc with realistic sound of the buzzer when the time ends.

• These boards can also work for you! When you play, you don’t get time to count scores on your own and if you try to do, you will lose your concentration in the game. This is what an electronic score board does for you.

• Some scoreboards come with solid automatic horn system that gives signals for the beginning and end of a game as well as intermission period.

• These systems are equipped with manual ‘override’ unit, which enables you to use the horn at any time in a game for emergencies, fouls, etc.

• Electronic score boards employ highly bright LEDs for absolute visibility and definition with increased brightness and an inclusive color spectrum. They come in a wide choice of designs too.

LED scoreboards are equipped with display modules in red, blue and green. Each module features around 3-4 LEDs or a large number of them and have a typical size of 4mm-4cm. LED scoreboards are made using thousands of LED modules integrated in a rectangular pattern.

Size of LED boards is depending on the size of the modules integrated. LED scoreboards are known for impressive technology, excellent visibility and easy installation and use. With these features, these boards attract sports platforms to install and execute the events.

Scoreboards are equipped in a lightweight, compact and wall mounted enclosure built and are made of polypropylene panels over an extruded aluminium frame. There are many companies running in the world of electronic signs, so you will want to choose the pioneer in the niche.

Look for the company that is specialized in creating custom-made visual display solutions for sports. Check if the company can provide you solutions for sports timing, scoring, message display solutions for particular centres and time systems.
Look for word of mouth advertisements or look at online sources to gather relevant information about companies that provide high-end electronic score boards at affordable price rates.