Building a Great Team through Activities


Activities to build a team are a powerful way to create a group, encourage workplace camaraderie, improve communication, build trust, ensure transparency among peers, encourage interpersonal relationships, identify strengths and weaknesses and address problems cohesively. These activities yield meaningful results only if they are planned and executed strategically.

Activities to build team are designed to create a perfect team

Activities for team building in Melbourne catalyse team dynamics, teamwork, trust building and effective communication. However, there has to be a definitive purpose behind organising activities for building team such as addressing the challenges faced by the team or improving the team’s creativity or problem solving skills.

These activities are necessary in corporate life

Team building activities need to be a part of the corporate culture on regular basis. There must be follow-ups on these activities to understand the effectiveness. Events to build team should be positive, inclusive, challenging and non-competitive. Lunch discussions and thoughtful ice-breakers can be effective. Organising book clubs, cooking challenges, fun games/sports, hobby clubs and activities for employees’ families can help to foster friendships at work.

Some of the outdoor activities to build team include Tug-of-War, raft building, jungle survival, obstacles, egg drop, paintball and tent pitching among others. Indoor exercises for building team are equally effective and successful. These include drum circle (where he team members best the drums in synchronized and coordinated manner), puzzle solving, back-to-back drawing etc. Ice-breaking exercises include fun questions, connecting stories and head and tail among others. Other engrossing and engaging team bonding exercises include Themed events Corporate Yoga, half marathons (walking together in company T-shirts), brainstorming and Endurance activities.

There are also various trust building activities too that will help you to grow and build a great team such as Mine Field (each blind-folded person will walk from across the field, avoiding the mines by simply listening to their partners’ verbal instructions), Slice ‘n Dice (walking down the corridor of arms) and a simple eye contact exercise. The activities can be planned and customised depending on the group size.

The management uses music and rhythm, strategy, and business simulations to create unique activities for building team. Various need-based activities are developed to build bonds, facilitate communication, figure out team dynamics and increase fun element. The purpose of the events for building team is to ensure complete participation and offer the employees memorable, motivational and enriching experience.

Creativity based activities include art, theatre, movie making or puppetry. Games and activities for building team are designed to help people think differently and innovatively. It is difficult to work under stressful conditions, but these activities create, like building complex machines, debating and problem solving are great ways to handle stressful conditions.