Exploring The Suburbs of Perth on A Weekend


Are you off to Perth for the weekend? This western city of Australia is unique and offers several unique and natural landscapes that are worth exploring. If you have planned to spend a weekend here, it would be good to hire a rental vehicle so that you can travel around as you want and at cheap costs.

Exploring Fremantle

Once you have seen the principal attractions of the city you are ready to check out suburb areas like Fremantle. You could start off by checking Leederville with your cheap van hire service. This region includes eateries like Sayers and Duende which have wonderful meals on the menu. Check out Perth Mint where you can get a glimpse of the gold nuggets that showcase blink and the bullion strength of the country. Opt for the ferry that goes to Fremantle or the lunch cruise from the Barrack St Jetty. Try lunch with menu items like kangaroo meat on skewers, ale and pizza.

Bike rentals

Besides opting for a cheap van hire in Perth to get around the region, there are bike rentals available for free once you are at the Fremantle visitor center. That is an excellent way to explore the port town and its Victorian landscape. There are university campuses to discover on wheels as well as quaint cafes and galleries that talk of shipwrecks to visit. You can even visit the Fremantle Prison, which is known for the solitary confinements of unbearable sizes. Ensure that you get your bike back to return to the visitor center by early evening.

Make the most of your visit

You will surely love the townscape of Fremantle. It would be a perfect itinerary for your day trip to this region. When you have set aside an entire weekend for exploring Perth, opt to spend a day at Fremantle to check out the wonderful Victorian era town and its several local attractions. You could easily take a ferry back to Perth or wherever you have put up for the weekend. It would certainly help you to discover Perth at the fullest.

Getting around

It is best that you hire a local rental service to get around town. These are easily booked online, making it possible for you to have a vehicle awaiting you when you land in town. There are several services that offer competitive rates. You could even choose a vehicle model of your choice. Ensure that you read up reviews and references of the service before you decide to book from them. The insurance terms need to be looked up as well. These are ways to ensure that you have opted for a reliable rental service that will offer you a ride around town and for the duration you want it.