How To Organize Your Fridge?

It is recommended to clean up your fridge at least once a month to avoid cross-contamination and odors. All our food is stored in the fridge, so a dirty fridge can contribute to a lot of germs in general. You can start the cleaning process by removing all the contents of the fridge. Remove the detachable compartments, soak them in hot water and scrub clean. In the meantime, wash the insides of the fridge using baking powder and hot water. Once you are done with the cleaning process, take a look at the contents that was inside the fridge, and throw away anything that’s not in use or has passed its expiry date. The rest of its contents should be placed back in the fridge in an organized manner. Furthermore, avoid storing the liquid in plastic bottles or packets as this can cause some of the chemicals in the bottle to mix with the drink, a glass bottle would be a good alternative and there are various colors and sizes available. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a 10ml blue bottle or a 1000ml green bottle, it’s all available in the stores. 

Upper and lower shelf

Place all the cooked dishes, drinks and ready to eats on this part of the fridge. To make maximum use of all the space available, ensure that you don’t fill up drinks in containers that are too big for it. For example, if you have some leftover liquids, place them into a bottle of a suitable size, I use a 30ml amber bottle to store drinks, a bigger one would just take more space unnecessarily. Go here for more information about glass bottles wholesale. 


Place all your fruits and vegetables in this area. Most fridges have two drawers, so you can use one drawer for fruits and the other for the veggies. But you can only follow this, if you don’t have any meat products above it. If you do have, then place the meat in the drawer lowest compartment and the fruits and veggies above it or in the case of two compartments side by side, place the meat on one compartment and the fruits and veggies in the one next to it to avoid cross-contamination.


This is the warmest region of the fridge, so place things that really require much cooling, like condiments such as sauce, mayonnaise, butter etc. A common mistake many people make is placing things like eggs and milk. These require more cooling to have a longer life and so should be placed in the top or lower shelf.