How To Plan An Office Picnic

With summer in the horizon, employees have one thing to look forward to and that is the annual picnic. This is a tradition in many offices. That is because it offers employees and their families to mix wither their colleagues. Furthermore, after working hard the entire year it gives a much-needed break for every employee. Therefore we understand why employees would be excited about this event. But there is one individual who would not be excited and that is the individual in charge of planning. That is because they would be overwhelmed by the sheer amounts of tasks they have to complete. However, this planning process does not have to be stressful. You would only require a well thought out plan to succeed. 

Pick a Venue

This can easily be the hardest thing that you have to do. That is because we all know that the venue determines the success of the event. But that does not mean you should spend your entire budget on the location. That is because you need to save money for food,nice corporate signageetc. However, this location would obviously have to be an outdoor one. Therefore one can consider choosing a park. This way they would not have to spend any money on the venue. That is because it would be completely free. Furthermore, if you the company has an outdoor area you could even select this. However, it is also advisable for one to have an alternative location in place. That is because even though it is summer it still can rain. Therefore if you don’t want to cancel this event you would need an alternative option.


It is not exactly necessary for one to spend a significant amount on decorations. But they can consider using signage companies Melbourne to make signs. This way the guests would know where each event is. For instance, there could be a notice near the buffet, near the children’s area etc. Furthermore, if one wishes they can decorate using balloons. This way the children would have some gift to take home with them at the end of the event.


Ideally, for such a company event, you should have a buffet. But this should include a variety of options. We understand that during the summer you want hot dogs and barbeque. But you need to understand that there could be vegetarians. Therefore due to this reason both vegetarian and non vegetarian options should be made available.Thus, with the help of these tips, you can easily plan this event.