Types Of Stonework Repairs

Nowadays man have achieved great advancement in construction science. We have different of metals or compound materials which enable us to build huge structures. The construction sciences have advancement so much that we have able to erect Kilometre tall skyscrapers. The building wonders which are created by man now are not conceivable even century back. But still we cannot ignore the most traditional material which was ever used for building our society. Stone, yes the stones can be said as the ancient material which was used to build houses and monuments for millenniums. We are still discovering buildings or roads those are thousands of years old and are made of stone. It shows that all the new technological advancements have given us the things which have replaced stone. But stone singlehandedly was performing the same role as all those material are doing now for centuries.

Still there are many areas in world were stones are primarily used for construction of houses, building, wall, or roads. Even people living in coastal areas still preferred to make their buildings from stone because stones can withstand moisture in air better then cement or other modern building materials. We can easily say that stone is not out of fashion and still very prime material in construction industry.

But building made of stones also need maintenance. Stone wars off with time decay with time, so they need restoration at some time. All the ancient building we are seeing now are made of stone and still able to stand because people preserve them by repairing stones for the same. There are different type of stonework repair Melbourne depending upon the treatment required to the building.

Stone Replacement

Usually this is the most used technique. Whenever you see that multiple stones in the building are wearing off and cannot hold the structure together. It is always recommended to replace all those stone. During replacing the stone it is important that compatibility of stone should be considered. If new stones are not compatible with old one they can accelerate the decay in other stones. Also only those stone can be replaced which are easy to disintegrate from the structure. Otherwise taking out foundation stones can cause collapse of building or wall. Looking for a professional when it comes to stone service you can see this page and they can help you to find.

Stone indenting

When the stone is in the position that removing it can damage the structure then stone indenting or piecing will be done. IN this case the damaged stone will be repaired by masonry technique. So in this way, the decayed stone will get the strength to hold the structure and it doesn’t its integration with other stones in the structure.

Structural Repair

When there will be crack in stone and it is impossible to remove the stone from structure. Then those cracks will be filled with epoxy resin and steel reinforcement. This combination will provide strength to the stone by covering the gap caused by cracks and those crack will be filled. This is usually applied to ancient buildings where replacement of the stones is not possible.